About Maya

“She has a really edgy voice & she’s tackling some pretty big issues for someone of her age.”

Nikki Schwab, Former Editor U.S. News & World Report

Maya Richard-Craven is a multimedia journalist from Pasadena, CA. Maya discovered her passion for narrative journalism while pursuing a bachelors degree at the University of Southern California. During her first year at USC, she started writing for Neon Tommy, USC Annenberg Digital News.

By late January 2014, she had written one of her most controversial pieces to date- ‘You’re Pretty, For A Black Girl.’ She followed with a second installment, ‘Check All That Apply,’ which gained international attention just hours after it was published.

‘You’re Pretty, For A Black Girl’ was named best college column by the National Society of Newspaper Columnists (NSNC) in May of 2014. Maya’s work has been featured in: The Hollywood Reporter, The Daily Beast, and more.